CANADA GOOSE : Product visibility Campaign

This campaigns goal was to give visibility to the spring outerwear collection. 

We felt like dealing with the brand image issue was the first step.

Therefore we created a campaign with a CSR aspect linked up to a spring product. 


We’re always exposed to other’s big successes, whether it is on social media or talking with friends. Instead of sparking inspirations, It plants the seed of comparison which undermines your own journey and those who surround you. We then forget that in order to achieve the big successes you have to reward the small wins. 

Leaving your house and feeling the sun on your skin for the first time in weeks, getting out of the cosiest bed to just smell freshly brewed coffee, Taking off the pyjamas you’ve been wearing for weeks to actually dress up in real clothes. 

It’s hard to appreciate your own progress when you only focus on the end goal. 

Small wins assure you that you’re on the right path. 

The path to write your own story. 

This spring, Canada goose is here to remind you that even the smallest wins are worth  being remembered. 

How ? By releasing limited edition patches each month inspired by you and your small victories and the fails that accompany them sometimes. 

So that you can flash/ wear your achievements in a canada goose esthetic on your sleeve, back,hood, or pocket. 

One patch per small wins to celebrate your journey. 

The Right patch for the right path.