VOLKSWAGEN - E- GOLF : Launch campaign


People, Power, Performance

*Pause *

Guten Tag my friends, it’s me, your favorite non german actor and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

But you already knew that. The sound of my unique voice made you tilt straight away. But what would happen if in a split second I’d lose my voice ?

Technically it would still be me,  the same strong, reliable, performing me …without the sound pollution.

As much as some would love not to hear me anymore, Volkswagen offers you a similar alternative : 

The E-golf,  same design, same reliability, same performance, different energy…and all of this with no sound . 



Arnold Schwarzenneger : 99 luftballoooons …ah didn’t see you there and sorry for interrupting actually . 

But you know me,  I’m always where you least expect me. 

Actually, You’ve  known me for years, reliable, high performance and well …the best at what I do.

  And now,  I’m better than ever. 

Because I adapt, I  adjust, I evolve.

All for you to get what you need at its best value.  

Being a pioneer of reinventing myself is what I do. 

Try it yourself with the new e-golf. 

Honestly just click.


Cut to Arnold singing while driving 

Stop and stares straight into the camera 

CUT to Arnold parking and getting out of the car 

Arnold gets out of focus in favor of the e-golf parked behind him. The camera gets in front the e- golf 

CUT to Arnold staring at seaside